Meet the Team

If you're like we are, you are pretty picky about who you trust with your fuzzy family members. We completely understand as we are the same way. We want to know that our pets are safe and happy. Here's a snapshot of our team who will be providing tender care of your beloved fuzzy ones.

Cecilia has been working with animals either as a rescue volunteer or vet tech since 2004. She's had a love for everything fuzzy and not so fuzzy, since she was very young. Her family calls her the dog whisperer. She's trained dogs for Canine Good Citizen Certifications, she's worked as a Vet Tech and assisted with surgeries and long term care. She's very comfortable around small and large animals. She's volunteered at a horse rescue ranch and has no problems providing feed for horses, goats, sheep, etc. In her free time Cecilia has volunteered with Meals on Wheels, The Junior Humane Society, and Civil Air Patrol. She's passed federal, state and local background checks as requirements to volunteer with Meals on Wheels and Civil Air Patrol as teens and the elderly are vulnerable age groups and should be protected. She's currently going to school to earn her Masters. Oddball thing about Cecilia that not everyone knows... she sings opera! She can teach your dogs, too! 

Randy is retired Air Force after serving for over 22 years. He's a service related disabled veteran and lover of gadgets! He has been helping Cecilia take care of animals since they started dating. He's had dogs and cats as far back into his childhood that he can remember and believes that they're not accessories, they're family.

Zaknafein is currently working on completing his Associates degree in History and hopes to continue with his education and achieve his Masters in Education. Zak has his solo wings and works diligently with the youth members of his Civil Air Patrol Unit helping them learn life skills. Zak has been a lover and caretaker of animals from a young age and continues to learn about training and animal husbandry. 

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